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Here are some the videos from our recent series that you can follow on our Facebook and YouTube channels.

Lisa: A problem with a cambelt on a car is an extremely specific message to pass on, and that was just one of many extremely accurate moments in this reading with Lisa. Her grandad although not a believer on earth, was making his presence felt here.

Charity Video: We're all big animal lovers here and when Marcus was asked to host the fundraising auction for The ASA in Marbella he jumped at the chance. It's a great animal charity run by an extraordinary man.

Jan: Sometimes it takes a little time for Marcus to establish who the message is for, but once somebody recognises who is speaking the messages he passes on are extremely accurate.

Gary: Some of the best evidence a medium can bring is something that the recipient doesn't know and has to look into, this proves that Marcus must be receiving this info from the

Sue: Marcus isn't always able to properly interpret everything he receives, so some questions go unanswered, or more correctly remain misunderstood. Generally, however, the bulk of a reading is understood by someone in the audience.

Michelle: The accuracy that Marcus was able to deliver left Michelle in no doubt that her Dad was reaching out. The penknife, the name, the scar, the pillow, all add up to an amazingly accurate and heart warming reading.

Kevin: Sometimes a favourite saying of comment from a loved one that passed, is all it needs to prove that Marcus is communicating with the other side. Especially if it's an unusual one.

Marcus: Taking a gift like Mediumship, and sharing it with the world, is a scary thing for a young lad. Even more so when it seems to be extremely accurate and brings up information that even the sitter didn't know about!

Marcus: Scepticism is a very normal reaction to Mediumship, and not everyone is ready for it. Some people will never believe it, and thatís fine, all we ask is that people keep an open mind and accept there are somethings humankind doesn't know yet.