Due to the recent COVID-19 shows have had to be temporarily postponed. Please check back soon for any updates.

"Hello" from Marcus

Hi everybody, and welcome to our website for The Medium Wave. Along with our Facebook page and YouTube channel this is where you can find out about our programming, readings and theatre tour dates. We are very proud and honoured to be working in this arena and hope that our work brings some solice and comfort to those that need it.

Mediumship is about healing and inspiring. Helping people connect with their loved ones passed and helping people realise that we are an eternal soul on a temporary human journey, is something I have been doing for nearly 15 years and is my greatest joy. The concept of bringing mediumship to a wider audience via an online TV show and the internet is a very exciting one. We completely understand, and in many ways encourage healthy scepticism but at the same time, we ask people to always respect other people's views. It wasn't so long ago that saying that the world was round marked you out as mad, bad or ill-informed. There are many things in this world that we are yet to fully understand and psychic mediumship is certainly one of those.

Click here to see some examples of our recent shows.

John Talbot: John is a great example of the kind of reading that surprises even the most cynical of viewers. Some of the detail that Marcus picked up on, especially the tattoos was extraordinary.

Cherylee Houston: Celebrity readings can be tricky as Marcus can be accused of researching online, but as Coronation Street star Cherylee Houston discovered, some things that are so personal you'd never discover them without help from the other side.

Michelle: In this reading Marcus gives a little insight into what happens when he receives a message from a loved one, and it's not always simple! Occasionally people in the spirit world are queueing up to pass on a message.